Welcome to My Professional Portfolio

My blog provides a glimpse into some of  the work I do, some of my educational beliefs, and a reflection of  my ongoing learning.

I’ve titled my blog “Curriculum Candy” because discussion of curriculum sometimes leaves people with a bad taste in their mouths;  it is my intention to share its sweet side.


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  1. Wow…you did a TON of work in one day 🙂 Awesome that in this space that so many will be able to learn from you as well!!!! Very cool 🙂

  2. I am so impressed by the work you’ve done, Diane. Curriculum is sometimes seen as something that is frightening and cumbersome, when in reality, it is truly framework and path that helps teachers to effectively find their way in their teaching profession. Understanding the front matter of curriculum and the learning outcomes for our teaching ensures that students will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are expected from our teaching. I am sure that you will encourage and positively influence many teachers through your blog. Great work, Diane! Be proud!

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